Highly Esteemed Participants,

It is one of my greatest pleasures to welcome you all to the second annual session of Atakum Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Model United Nations conference. My name is Fatma Betül Tunçer and I am proud of serving you as the Secretary-General of ATAMUN’18 which will be held on April 5th-8th, 2018 in our school.

Started in 2016 to participate MUN conferences, we organised the first MUN conference among our students in 2017 and we feel honoured to have a national one this year. ATAMUN’18 will be a bilingual conference in Arabic and English. We have six committees that will include DISEC, SPECPOL and UNESCO in English; SOCHUM and Security Council in Arabic. Also, we have added Precursors’ Summit as a special committee.

We believe that we selected the most debateable topics from the forgotten Kashmir conflict to the devastating incidents in Middle East. Our purpose in this conference is to be able to create awareness against the issues around us by disclosing some agenda items that was covered up in the last few years. Because in a world surrounded by multiple problems and crippling emotions such as hatred, depression, worry, fear and guilt; we must get the nerve up to get up, raise our voice and turn the tide for the better. If the human race was capable of inflicting heavy damage on our world, then it can provide the best solution to repair it as well.

We, as ATAMUN Club, sincerely hope that this conference will be a beneficial and memorable experience for all of you. We are looking forward to see you in Samsun.

Kindest regards,

Fatma Betül TUNÇER




Distinguished participants;

The world we live in has been stuck in such a stoppage that everyone seeks for a way out. Blood and tears have become an integral part of people’s sleep. Everyone wants to get rid of this situation, but all of the communities look ahead, stuck in their own beliefs, experiences and endless issues.

The forces that dominate the world think that everything and everyone will serve them. There is no sense in their world if the others come to a grief or not for the well-being of themselves and their societies. By declaring “We are mighty, we are emperial, we are the magister and overseer of the world,” they use persecution as a mean of persuading their society. Certain groups and personalities conduct the world. What they say and what they want to governs the world. The process is determined by them, and the results are defined by what they desire.

In order to ensure the welfare of every single human being, the system should be reversed. It should be ensured that eight billions of people living in this world will benefit from the blessings of the world on an equal base. The awry world regime running for the black-hearted souls should be evolved.

To be aware of what is happening, to stop and revolve this tide, rectifying the situation in the best way, fighting against these injustices must be the main principle for the people living in the world.

The human rights of the children who died because of hunger in Palestine and Africa should be sought. People struggling to be vindicated should be recompensed. Everyone should be made to live for everyone’s happiness. People must be saved from being slaved.

Languages, religions, properties and individual rights must be equal for everyone. No one should be despised because of their ethnicities and beliefs. The underground mines of the countries should not be seen as colonial reasons.

In your pioneering position, all peace and goodness precursor in the world should strive to change the regulation and prove that the world is not just what we see. Forthcoming century has to carve out a better future. Fraternity, solidarity and unison should be regarded as the basis of this newly created order. The disposition going unfairly should be changed for fairness. Conscious people must also present an example of the sooth to the world.

Therefore, it is time to stop the flow, it is time to dare to lead and it is definitely time to turn the tide.

Yours sincerely,


Under Secretary General of Precursors’ Summit