Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an international, political and economic organization founded by 5 member states on 15 June 2001 in Shanghai/China as a result of meeting of its successor ‘Shangai Five’. The headquarters of SCO is located in Beijing, PR China. Currently by its 8 members, 4 observer countries, 6 dialogue partners and 3 supporters, The Shangai Alliance has fulfilled its purpose of establishment by taking various steps in politic, economic and military areas and continues to do so. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization foresees to protect its members’ interests in international area without violating human rights and ethical values. In this committee, we are going to debate on diversified agendas and global issues mostly centered on Asia.
Our committee SCO is a pretty unique committe. First of all, every participating country is going to be represented by two delegates which are head of states and minister of foreign affairs. These two delegates are going to be chosen from delegations in order to make sure policies they will follow match each others. Nonetheless, even though it’s tecnhnically not a crisis committe, it’s not a classical type committee as well. Our academic team is going to come up with various crises and let delegates debate on many different topics. Last but not least, number of agenda items may be considered high compared to other example MUN committees. It could cause delegates have a hard time, but with right time management and efforts of delegates, chairs, and our academic team, we have no doubt that our time together will be fascinating.


  • Improving military between SCO members
  • International trade
  • Membership negotiations
  • Ceasing the ongoing Kashmir conflict and ensuring peace in territory
  • Kazakhstan civil war which occured lately

Under-Secretary General: Hanif İbrahim ÇETİN

Country Matrix of SCO

Study Guide of SCO