“Democracy is the most delicate flower in the world. It is tolerance, reconciliation and dialogue that protect and keep it alive. We will tell you the birth and crawling story of democracy that grew up in our country tonight. We will unveil an enthusiastic yet difficult era. None of those who played the lead role are alive, but the democracy they set up and gave us is still alive.

Societies have milestones in their history as well, like people have. These milestones sometimes silently, spontaneously knock on the door, and sometimes explode like a terrible thunder.

1950 was such a turning point for Turkey. A social reaction inwardly growing against a 27-year-old government exploded in the spring of 1950. Society cracked its quarter-century shell. Not by shedding blood on the streets, but by voting in ballot boxes. “Demirkırat” reared up with a general vote. That’s why the 14 May 1950 elections were always called “White Revolution”…”

The late M.Ali Birand, one of the greatest journalists in Turkey, started his documentary “Demirkırat” which is about Democrat Party and Adnan Menderes with those sentences. The 1950’s were years that our country found a place in international relationships, economy was developed, welfare was increased, democracy was strengthened and we levelled up in all areas as a country and people. By this committee, we aimed to make this period that democracy was set up in our country understood by new generation and live it again. So, for now:


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