Although we survived the biggest pandemic of the last century, our lives have changed economically and socially more than ever. People’s continuing their lives from home and online, interstate relations and many more have greatly affected people.
In this committee, the delegates will investigate the increasing online shopping as the pandemic compels people and the possible problems it may bring, the unemployment that came to the forefront with the collapse of the economy around the world, as well as the embargoes between countries, both military and economic, and their causes and solutions. Will the world prepare its own economic and social disaster with the same increase in unemployment despite the increase in inflation, the enrichment of online trade companies, and the sanctions created as a result of political disagreements between countries while the world is in such a crisis?
We believe that UN must consider this global imbalance and keep order in best way. We would like to welcome all of the delegates who look to the future with hopeful solutions and try to bring humanity to the best spot.


  • Pandemic affects to world wide economy
  • Conjecturol consequences of embargos that countries impose at each other

Under-Secretary General: Zeynep Şifa İPEKDAL

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