In 1814, it was decided to hold a congress that would affect the whole world, and especially Europe, for centuries. This is: Congress of Vienna.
Because of the wars; in Europe, order was disrupted, balances were completely changed and borders were turned upside down. Besides, the idea of human and civil rights brought about by the French Revolution, that is to say the concepts of freedom, nationality and equality began to disperse rapidly.
There was a consensus by Europe’s leaders that this couldn’t be continued any longer and with the participation of almost all European states, it was decided to convene a congress. In this crisis committee, delegates will do their best to redetermine borders according to their own countries’ interests and to ensure the concord and prosperity of countries in Europe.


  • Re-setting the territorial borders in Europe
  • Ensuring the countries’ pacification and welfare in Europe

Under-Secretary General: Elif Sena KAPLANCIKLI

Country Matrix of Congress of Vienna

Study Guide of Congress of Vienna