During the Second World War, the governments of the European countries met in the United Kingdom for the Conference of Allied Ministers of Education to look for a way out and reconstruct their systems of education once peace was restored. At the end of the conference, thirty-seven countries founded the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to establish the “intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind” and, in so doing, prevent the outbreak of another world war.

Presently, UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication. It strengthens the ties between nations and societies assuring that each child and citizen has access to quality education, may grow and live in a cultural environment rich in diversity and dialogue, can fully benefit from scientific advances and can enjoy full freedom of expression; the basis of democracy, development and human dignity.

The committee will be discussing the violation of press freedom and the effect of terrorism towards journalists’ safety, which also means providing the citizens their right of having true and reliable information in a way that they deserve. Because to increase the awareness of populations about the occurring events around us could only be done by ensuring the world of freedom of expression and journalists’ safety.

Agenda Item = Fostering Environments for Freedom of Expression, Press Freedom and Journalistic Safety

Under Secretary-General: Zeynep YILDIRIM

Chair: Sena Nur UYSAL