The Middle East has been in such an adversity that exterminated consciences for a long time. This process increased with Arab spring, is resuming to sunder the society, ostracize people, efface the era and culture. Disturbance and the violation of human rights proceeding day in day out hinders reconciliation, and despite this, the country and humans regarding themselves as peacemakers and advocates of democracy remain silent.

Precursors’ Committee will be bound up with finding solutions for the situation in the Middle East by the leaders who left their marks on history and will monitor their own policies to figure out the problems. What would the answer be if we had the chance to consult them and which leader could manage to make himself/herself be heard again?

Agenda Item = Providing Peace and Establishing a New Order in Middle East

Under Secretary-General: Yusuf KESMEN

Chair: Muhammet Ali TOPRAK


ATAMUN’18 Precursors’ Summit Study Guide