Esteemed participants,

I, as the Secretary-General, have the immense pleasure of welcoming you all to the first edition of the ATAONLINE Conference!

In times of a world-wide pandemic, with all of us stuck at home, losing motivation seems inevitable. But with this conference, we; as the ambitious ATAMUN team, hope to bring joy to all who need it.

We have 4 different committees executed in the most excellent way including two Crisis Committees, ECOSOC and SPECPOL. Whichever you apply for, it is most assured, none will be disappointed owing to the great work of all academic members.

Concluding the letter, I’d like to say I’m much indebted to my Deputy Secretary-General, Nur Selin ?ükür for her ever-lasting support and help during this arduous and challenging process. I’d also like to show my gratitude to all the members for playing a major role in the making of this conference.

We, as ATAMUN Club, aspire to ensure in all ways a fruitful conference. We are looking forward to meeting you on May 27th!


Yasemin Ayd?n