Since the beginning of humanity’s existence, one of the dreams of the states’ has been capturing the Europe’s territorial integrity. In consequence of French Revolution and Napoleon wars, a status different than before the year 1789 had come to existence in Europe. Especially, the construction of new states and the power balance which occurred with effects of Napoleon’s personality from beginning of 19th century was wracked when he abdicated due to the defeat he faced. After that, the state of Europe was perished. The congress of Vienna which was actualized to prevent potential revolutions arising by nationalism and recouping the croppers in geological structure and ethnicity was an inevitable opportunity to build it back up. In this congress, the borders of Europe were determined.

Therefore, our purpose in this committee is to see the newly drawn borders of Europe which will be created by all delegates, despite instant conjunctures that may arise at any time.  

Agenda Items:

  • Re-setting the territorial borders in Europe
  • Ensuring the countries’ pacification and welfare in Europe

Under Secretary General: Nur Selin Şükür

Country Matrix of Congress of Vienna